Top 3 Best Synthetic Urine Kits Revealed & Reviewed

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best synthetic urine brands

best synthetic urine brands

If you’re going to pass a urine sample drug test then submitting a fake sample of high-quality synthetic urine kit is definitely the best way of doing it. But understanding what the best synthetic urine is, and what the top fake urine brands contain, and what the worst ones don’t, is sometimes tough to get your head around.

This quick guide is going to not only talk you through the top three best urine brands out there, with detailed synthetic urine reviews, but it’s also going to talk you through some top tips for making sure you pass a drug test. You’ll learn exactly what fake pee needs to contain to fool the drug lab. You’ll le larn how to spot good and bad urine products, and why some fake urine simply cannot ever pass a drug test.

On top of all that, you’ll learn some top tips on preparing the sample, and submitting fake pee for a drug test so that you are not one of those people who ever get caught out.

Why Use Fake Urine For A Drug Test?

When it comes to passing a drug test you have several options open to you to submit a negative sample:

  1. You can get yourself naturally clean so that your sample is guaranteed negative. That means abstaining from drugs by doing a natural detox for as long as it takes for the drugs to leave your body. The problem with that is in some people, especially chronic weed smokers, it can be several weeks before drug toxins are completely removed by your body.
  2. You can mask the toxins for a few hours using a high-quality detox drink. You’ll need to do a natural detox for a couple of days beforehand if possible, to maximize the number of toxins that will be coming out of your body in advance so that you can be as clean for as long as possible on the day. Then you drink the detox drink and you have several hours to submit a clean sample. The problem is that for some chronic users, the amount of time you get before fresh toxins leak into your urine is not enough for you to get to the lab and submit the sample.
  3. You can use fake urine. This is the best option because you’re not submitting your own urine at all. Using fake pee for drug test success is definitely the best strategy, and the failure rate is lower than any other method as long as you pick the right brand that has all the characteristics of real urine, and submit it within the correct temperature range.

Characteristics Of The Best Synthetic Urine

So let’s now quickly turn to how you spot the best fake urine out there. The bottom line is that great quality fake urine has some specific traits which it has to have, basically a tick box of everything that is required to fool a drug testing company:

  • The formula must be complex with many things found in human urine
  • Things like waste vitamins, minerals, and other chemical markers must be in it
  • Fake urine must contain creatinine (a waste product of creatine which is burned by muscle use)
  • Has to contain your urea and uric acid
  • The highest quality synthetic urine has the correct specific gravity and pH ranges
  • Good quality fake urine should visibly look and froth like urine
  • The best fake urine brands also smell like urine (some labs do a “sniff” test; yes really)

Some of the less complex brands out there contain just the basics. Just urea, uric acid, creatinine, the correct specific gravity, and pH, and they sort of look like real urine.

The absolute best brands out there contain everything on that tick list above, and barring close scrutiny will pass all of the standard drug testing procedures in place in the USA today.

But it’s not just containing the stuff, it’s having the balance right. Some brands will say they contain uric acid, but how do you know it’s right? Is a cheap fake urine kit that is very basic going to have all the balancing right enough to closely mimic human urine? The lower the price, the older the formula, the less likely that is.

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The Biocide Problem

One more thing I want to talk about specifically before we go on to 3 detailed synthetic urine reviews is the biocide problem.

It was rumored a couple of years ago that the big testing labs were looking for the presence of biocide. It’s a synthetic preservative that is found in a lot of household products, including most brands of fake urine, as it extends the shelf life.

It’s rumored that the big testing labs realized this and also realized that they could rule out 90% of fake samples by doing a test for biocide amongst the initial validity tests. That’s why there seems to have been a spike in failures reported online from about 18 months ago, with a few brands notably now stating clearly that they do not contain biocide (including the three reviewed below).

Tips For Using Synthetic Urine To Pass A Drug Test

Let’s quickly look at some top tips for using fake urine to pass a drug test.

Firstly, the absolute number one reason why people fail a drug test when using fake urine is not actually about the quality of the urine, especially for basic pre-employment drug test where the quality of the analysis is limited.

The number one reason why people fail drug tests using fake urine is that they submit it outside the temperature range that human urine exits the body at. Human urine exits the body at between 96°F and 100°F. But legally, to allow for a couple of minutes cooling, they have to test the sample within five minutes and have to accept a sample above 90°F as a minimum.

The problem is that when you are relying on a heatpad to keep the sample warm and let’s be honest heatpads are going to have a slightly variable heat coming from them, then that can be problematic. Especially if the weather outside is cold or hot, and how it’s transported and held against your body. There are a lot of variables, and people mess up.

For me, a better alternative is heat activator powder. That way you don’t need to transport the sample warm at all. You just use the heat activator powder when you arrive outside the lab and it will warm the sample up really quickly and keep it there for about 20 minutes.

The second reason people fail is that they have a formula that’s not complex enough the type of test is facing. Basic synthetic urine that doesn’t contain biocide submitted within the correct temperature range will pass a pre-employment drug test that costs the company commissioning it about 60 bucks.

But you’re not going to fool a more detailed urinalysis where they look at the sample far more closely. So again, you’ll need the most complex brands on the market to pass any level of scrutiny.

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Review Of The 3 Best Synthetic Urine Brands

Let’s now continue this guide to best synthetic urine kits out there by telling you about the top three fake urine brands for sale right now, and why I’m rating them in the order that I am.

Just a quick word on where to buy synthetic urine. Avoid eBay, Amazon, and other general marketplaces doors. The best place to buy top quality fake urine is from the official retailers, or in rare instances an authorized reseller.

1.Quick Luck – The absolute best fake pee you can buy

Top of the list, and top of any synthetic urine review you read, has to be Quick Luck.

Made by Clear Choice, who also make my second top product, and also one of the highest quality detoxes drinks out there called Rescue Cleanse, they really are a reputable company in the marketplace.

Quick Luck is the most complex formula out there:

  • Contains 15 chemicals found in urine
  • Recent and annually updated formula
  • Quick Luck contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine in perfect balance
  • Quick Luck is perfectly balanced for both pH and specific gravity
  • Quick Luck looks, smells, and froths like real urine

As well as being the most complex formula, and passing the visual tests that some lab assistants will do, Quick Luck has another advantage. It’s only one of two fake urine brands out there that don’t use a heatpad to generate the heat and maintain the sample within the correct temperature range. It uses heat activator powder.

With heat activator powder, you don’t even need to warm the sample in advance at all. You just turn up the testing place, and before you go inside, you just tap in about ¼ of the powder into the sample and gently agitate it until the liquid clears. If the temperature doesn’t appear on the strip, add a little more. Basically, within about two minutes you will have a sample within the correct temperature range, and you can then store it against your skin and maintain the temperature for about 20 minutes.

As most drug tests are unsupervised (and you wouldn’t use synthetic urine for a supervised drug test), you can even check the sample temperature behind a screen, or in the room you are in to submit your sample away from the person administering it. Check the sample just before you pour into the sample cup, and add a bit more heat activator powder if needed.

Quick Luck is premixed and is the ultimate in convenience, especially for on-the-job drug testing because you don’t need to mix anything up, and the heat activator powder gives you a viable sample in about two minutes. Quick Luck does cost $100 though.

2. Sub Solution

The second best synthetic urine brand out there, and the number one seller is Sub Solution

Quick Luck is Sub Solutions big brother, slightly more complex in the formula. But Sub Solution still has all the traits needed to pass the most complex drug test:

  • Contains 14 chemicals found in urine
  • Sub Solution contains uric, uric acid, and creatinine
  • Sub Solution is perfectly balanced for pH and specific gravity
  • It has an annually updated formula

The difference between Sub Solution and Quick Luck is that apart from the slightly more complex formula in Quick Luck, is that Sub Solution is a powder, not a premixed liquid. So you will need a water source (preferably filtered water) and a couple of minutes to turn the powdered sample into a viable synthetic urine sample.

But Sub Solution uses the same heat activator powder, and apart from needing to premixed before you use it, it’s exactly the same as Quick Luck, just slightly less complex.

Quick Luck is the ultimate fake urine, but Sub Solution at $80 is slightly cheaper. It’s not good for on-the-job testing though because you need to mix up the powdered urine, but for standard drug testing where you have knowledge of the test in advance, then it’s head and shoulders above other fake urine brands out there.

Sub solution synthetic urine

3. Quick Fix

Third on my list of the best fake urine out there to pass a drug test within the budget brands is Quick Fix. Quick Fix isn’t great quality, but it only costs $30 for the basic 2 fluid ounce size (the slightly larger 3 fluid ounce size costs $40). It’s premixed, and pretty good value.

Quick Fix has the traits to pass a basic pre-employment drug test:

  • Quick Fix sort of looks like real urine (but not as convincing as Sub Solution)
  • It is balanced for pH and specific gravity
  • Quick Fix contains curious, uric acid, creatinine
  • Quick Fix relies on a heatpad but it is reliable

Quick Fix is premixed, that’s a bonus that gives it a tick against even Sub Solution. And it does contain the basics to pass a cheap pre-employment drug test.

However, Quick Fix does have significant limitations. There is evidence that an experienced lab assistant can spot urine that doesn’t look quite right, and some people say that holding up to the light, Quick Fix has a slight green hue to it that isn’t realistic, although I don’t really see that.

Also, it is a basic formula, containing only your urea, uric acid, and creatinine, not the full 14 or 15 chemicals found in urine that you get with Sub Solution and Quick Luck.

However, for just 30 bucks, if you don’t care about the drug test that much, you don’t have the money, or it’s the only thing that is available, then Quick Fix is the best of the budget bunch.