The Best SARMs Source – High Quality SARMs At Dirt Cheap Prices

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best SARMs source

best SARMs source

There’s a huge demand for high-quality SARMs and not enough known vendors to supply that demand. We’re here to reveal our favorite stores that constitute the best SARMs source(s) you will not only find in the US but also in Europe and other places.

Besides the interest in SARMs, there’s a huge problem to grapple with and that is bunk product. You see, SARMs are not regulated by the FDA, meaning that almost anyone can peddle anything as SARMs.

This led to a large influx of fake sellers destroying the good name of SARMs, thereby stealing the trust of the people in this great substance. This needs to change and we hope that this article will help you out in your quest of finding high-quality SARMs.

Where to Find SARMs For Sale And Where Not to Buy Them

SARMs for sale can be found in many shops all around the world. The fact of the matter is that most of them sell fake SARMs and bunk product.

The thing is, China banned the production of SARMs at the end of 2019, and that led to a lot of manufacturers being shut down. That didn’t stop sellers from trying to market anything as SARMs. Their only goal in mind is profit and they would go to great lengths to accomplish that, disregarding the safety of human life.

We have nothing against China, but their own culture indicates a callous disregard for human safety and lives, this being just one of the reasons why we don’t buy our SARMs from China. We also avoid sites affiliated with China, like Alibaba and eBay, whose colossal lack of moderation allows for anyone to market their own white powder as high-quality SARMs. In conclusion, finding SARMs for sale is quite easy, but finding real and pure SARMs is hard as hell.

where not to buy SARMs

Who is The Best SARMs Company

There is no such thing as the best SARMs company since many subjective factors influence that title. Objectively speaking, there is no winner in this dilemma.

Your best bet is to see what the business in question offers and tailor it to your wishes and needs.

Shipping times are important since you don’t want to wait for weeks for your SARMs to arrive. We once ordered a package from a European company and had to wait two and a half weeks for the goods to arrive. Quite conversely, someone ordering from Europe would be plagued with the same problem if they ordered from a US vendor.

As you can see, there are many hurdles in determining the best SARMs company and the topic is best left to the reader to decide for himself.

Why Purchase The Highest Quality SARMs

Low-grade SARMs carry a lot of risks with them, one being the fact that they are most likely not SARMs, to begin with. You’re exposing yourself and your body to potentially toxic compounds that could ruin your livelihood. The side effects can range from simple things such as headaches to serious stuff like gynecomastia (bitch tits) and hair loss. Don’t let this happen to you!

To avoid that fate, you need to purchase the highest quality SARMs on the market. They need to be vetted by an independent third-party laboratory and the shop in question needs to have positive reviews from online sources.

What Constitutes Someone as The Best SARMs Source

The best SARMs source needs to have a lot of things going for it in order to qualify for that title. We’ll list down the most important things that make someone the best SARMs source.

  • New and Fresh Lab Results: Every batch is important, and every batch needs to be tested, there should be no exceptions to that rule. When snooping around for a new vendor, always look at the date of the lab results, if they are older than two years, you know that something is amiss. Did the quality change so much that they are afraid to post new lab results? You should be very suspicious and ask yourself such questions.
  • A Fair Money Back Guarantee: There are some vendors that won’t give you your money back no matter what happens to your package, even if it gets lost in transit or comes broken and smashed into your home. This is just bad and greedy marketing all around and you should avoid such vendors at all costs. Find someone that has a fair User Policy and that will provide you with a money-back guarantee if things don’t pan out as planned.
  • Reviews on Reddit and Bodybuilding Forums: Reddit is an excellent source of information. Search for the company name you’re currently scrutinizing and add the word ‘Reddit’ to your search query. That way, you’ll gain access to tens or hundreds of user experiences in just a few short moments. This will enable you to quickly judge the trust score of any particular company. Also, bodybuilding forums are not to be ignored since they offer invaluable experiences, not just of companies themselves, but also of the SARMs they sell.

Where to buy SARMs

Where to Buy SARMs – The Best SARMs on The Market

Now the time has come for us to show you where to buy SARMs, these are places where you will find the best SARMs on the market. There’s four of them in total and each store has a unique touch to it, you will see what we’re talking about once we start reviewing them.

  1. Science.Bio is a true pioneer when it comes to SARMs, they have been selling them and many other supplements for as long as we can remember. They always deliver high-quality stuff at rock-bottom prices.

Take their liquid Ibutamoren as an example, they sell 750mgs worth of product for just $49.99! That is a deal of a lifetime. You will not find such prices in any other store and that’s why takes the number one spot on our list.

But that’s not the only reason, if you snoop around the site for a bit, you’ll realize that the team behind this company is much more than just a SARMs vendor. No, they are actively pushing research for SARMs and other compounds, trying to break into the global market and make SARMs a safe and trusted compound. This is all a noble cause and is all explained in their ‘Why Us’ section.

They sell both liquids and powders, there isn’t much of a price discrepancy between the two, so it doesn’t matter which type of SARM you prefer – they have you covered.

If you provide this shop with your first name and your email address, you will be in for a surprise. Not only will you get 10% off on each purchase, but you’ll also be able to enjoy all the wonderful articles they share with you while you’re subscribed to their email list. We haven’t received spam so far, so it is safe to opt-in!

Their lab results are always recent since they go through so many batches (they sell a lot of SARMs every day) and quality is always pristine.

The website design is decent, and you can get to stuff easily, with just a few clicks of a button. Our only complaint would be the fact that it’s a bit hard to navigate for first-time users, but you’ll get it eventually.

Shipping times are very good, our goods took two and a half days to arrive to our home. The box was professionally sealed, and nobody could see what we were ordering, so we got to give the company props for that. Speaking of shipping, if you order more than a hundred dollars worth of product, you’ll get free shipping if you’re from the US.

People outside of the US will have to buy 300$ worth of merchandise to get the same privilege, which in our opinion Is a bit too much. This the best place to buy SARMs in the US, so don’t let this opportunity slip!

  1. SARMs4You

SARMs4You is a company stemming from the heart of Europe, they have been at it for years and are known to be the best SARMs source in the European continent. They only sell SARMs and SARM accessories, so you won’t be able to find peptides or nootropics at this store.

This is a good thing, as they focus all of their efforts on SARMs, meaning that there is a reason why so many people from the US choose to order from them even though they have to wait between 7 to 10 business days for their package to arrive.

Since we heard so many interesting stories about SARMs4You, we decided to test them out ourselves. We ordered both their capsules and powders. We got one gram of Testolone for €59.95, 300mgs of YK-11 for €49.95, and their weight scale for the powder. The first thing to notice is how much the price drops when you’re ordering in bulk. If you buy five or more bottles of YK-11, you can get a bottle for less than 40€, which is a deal to reckoned with.

Moreover, their SARMs are really pure. We got lab results with our order and it showed our batch of Testolone to be 99% pure, and the YK-11 to be 98,2% pure. You can ask lab results to be delivered with your order and the company will comply with the request.

After doing one cycle of weight weeks on YK-11 and Testolone, one of our crew members gained sixteen pounds of raw mass in that time period, which just shows how good their stuff is.

They offer free international shipping for any order then go above 120€ (around 135$) and they ship out one to three days after you’ve ordered. Some companies ship on the same day, so this is something SARMs4You could work upon.

Their website is nothing special and it could’ve been done better, but they appeased us with their SARMs and that’s the most important thing. Another good thing about this shop is that they also accept Bitcoin and Ethereum, meaning that you can shop completely anonymously, without anyone knowing what you’re up to.

You can also easily switch currencies on their website by clicking the dollar or euro sign in the right corner of their website. We found that to be very convenient. Shipping times to Europe are between three to five business days, our friend from Portugal got his package delivered in four days.

  1. SwissChems

Many make the mistake of thinking that this a company based in Europe going by the name, but they’re actually a very popular seller of SARMs, peptides, nootropics, and many other supplements based in the US.

They also have the largest variety of PCT supplements on their shelves, making them the best place for intermediate and professional SARMs users. Also, among all the other vendors, they are the only ones that sell injectable SARMs.

As we all should know, injectable SARMs enjoy higher bioavailability and their effects are more pronounced. You can expect a 50 to 60% increase when compared to the effects of SARMs ingested orally.

Besides injectable SARMs, they also sell liquids.

If you have any questions or inquiries, they have a dedicated FAQ section as well as a place to contact them. We found it to be endearing. Their website is simple and solid, nothing fancy. Everything is displayed as it should be and there is no superfluous information, which is always good to see.

If you decide to opt into their email list, the company gives you 10% off on your order and the best thing of all? It is stackable with all the other coupons, so you can enjoy even larger discounts. Now is the right time to strike as they are having SARMs 20% off in their store. One more thing to mention is the fact that if you’re paying with cryptocurrency, you will enjoy even bigger discounts.

For example, their Ibutamoren which contains 380mgs worth of product normally costs $85.95, now that it is on sale, it will only set you back $68.95, but if you purchase it via cryptocurrency, you will only pay $55.16!

We can see that this store is great for crypto buffs and you should take full advantage of all the discounts they provide you with. We’ve personally tested their Ibutamoren and used it for recomping. It worked out perfectly fine, one of our buddies lost 4% of his body fat in just once cycle while also putting on some nice lean muscle.

We had to pay 6.95$ for shipping costs and we had to wait four days for the goods to arrive. If you’re stationed outside of the US, you’ll have to pay even more for shipping, which is our only caveat for this shop. Worst off are those from the Middle East, they have to pay south of 50$ for shipping, which is just ludicrous.

  1. Proven Peptides

It’s always a pleasure to deal with a company like Proven Peptides, as they are one of the most reliable places in the US to buy SARMs.

Don’t want to spend hours searching for an answer in some FAQ section? No problem, simply give them a call and one of their support agents will see that your issue is solved as quickly as possible.

Every single one of their batches is tested and vetted by an independent third-party laboratory. They have one of the most lenient money-back guarantees in the industry, meaning that they care about customer satisfaction above anything else, even their personal profit.

Their website is really cool and gives you access to all the important information in just a few clicks of a button.

One thing to take special note of is their Peptide Points which can give you 10% off on each subsequent purchase in their store. Not only that, but you can earn up to 16$ in-store credit for interacting with their social media and registering on their page. Pretty good deal, if you ask us.

The SARMs from Proven Peptides are very pure, the batch we got tested 98,6% in purity! That’s not just a fluke, but a common occurrence, with their SARMs, always hovering around 97 to 100% when it comes to purity.

We needed to go on a cut, so we bought their Cardarine, Ostarine and Andarine. The SARMs were all high-quality and made our fitness goals that much more attainable. One of our crew members lost 7% of his total body fat in just one ten-week cycle on this stack!

We also got free shipping because we bought more than 75$ worth of product. This only applies if you’re stationed in the US. The great thing about this shop is the fact that they ensure that you’re absolutely satisfied with the SARMs you get. If you’re not, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked. You will not see many stores venture such a path, but it’s always a welcomed one for the customer.

If you decide to share your email with Proven Peptides and join their newsletter, you become eligible to exclusive discounts on their products. Shipping times were excellent, we got our three items in just two and a half days of waiting. It seems to us that they ship on the same day as your order, which is always a welcomed outcome.

Now that we’ve shown you these four vendors, you can manually select the best SARMs source according to your needs and shop with glee as you’re safe from scams and other worries.

Have fun chasing your fitness goals!