Quick Guide: How To Pass A Mouth Swab Test

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Learning how to pass a mouth swab test is getting more vital to regular drug users because of the dangers they pose.

It’s actually really unfair because you could have not taken anything for a couple of days, turned up completely fit and able to do your job, test positive, and then lose your job.

So what we’re going to do here in this quick guide is tell you everything you need to know about passing a mouth swab drug test so that you don’t get caught out by that nightmare scenario.

We will look at drug detection times in saliva, when you might face an oral drug test, how to minimize your risk from one, and talk you through the products you can carry on you that can eliminate toxins from your mouth so that you could pass a saliva drug test.


When You Could Face a Mouth Swab Test

 There are several key reasons why mouth swab testing has become more common in the past couple of years:

  • Mouth swab testing doesn’t require any special training
  • You don’t need any sterile equipment or special room/premises
  • Oral drug testing can be administered on the spot by anyone
  • Results from an oral drug test are available in minutes
  • They are great for catching people out because there is little space for evasion

These factors make saliva drug testing perfect for on the spot drug tests at work, and for roadside drug testing by police.

Although not widespread, roadside drug testing is legal and happening in the UK and Australia, and also some counties in the USA (but mostly as trials). The few countries in the European Union also do it sporadically. So although not widespread, it will get more common as data does show more and more accidents are being caused by people under the influence of drugs.

But for most people, the big danger is an on the spot test either at work, or during pre-employment. There is a situation that happens quite frequently where you are asked to submit a sample at the end of a job interview for example.


How Does A Mouth Swab Drug Test Work?

One of the reasons a mouth swab drug test is so dangerous is because of how quick and simple it is to administer.

Basically, you are just told to open your mouth, and a little swab is moved around inside to collect a sample, that is then tested on a panel drug test kit.

The person doing the test will not have been trained to collect saliva from where metabolites are most likely to have gathered. This is on the inside of the teeth, the lower part where the gum line that’s between the teeth, where the biggest cracks are. Alternatively, it will be at the bottom of the mouth under the tongue, to the side or front, you know where you feel saliva gathering.

It’s actually possible to buy and at home saliva drug test if you want to see if you’re positive yourself, or you want to just see how it works. These aren’t particularly expensive, and if you are a regular user then trying out an at home saliva drug test could really help you to understand the process and how you could evade it.


How Far Back Does A Mouth Swab Drug Test Go?

 Now we have covered all of bad news about mouth swab testing, let’s tell you some of the good news.

The first bit of good news is that when it comes to how far back does a mouth swab drug test go, the answer to that question is not far at all.

Usually, if it’s been 24 hours since you took something, then you will be fine. But that risk increases if you are a frequent or heavy drug user, because there will be more metabolites in your body which take longer to work themselves out.

These are the average drug detection times in saliva for some common drugs:

  • Marijuana up to 24 hours
  • Cocaine up to 48 hours
  • Amphetamines up to 72 hours
  • Methamphetamines up to 72 hours
  • Benzodiazepines up to 72 hours
  • Opiates up to 72 hours (heroin usually less than this)

But these are average drug detection times, and if you are only a moderate user, then taking something on the Saturday, means you’ll probably be clean by Monday morning when you return to work anyway.

If you are a chronic daily weed smoker, then the build-up of toxins in your body could mean that you will constantly test positive. It’s the regular users, or being tested within 24 hours of taking drugs that is the real danger.


Can You use Home Remedies To Pass A Saliva Drug Test?

Unlike urine sample drug testing, it’s actually possible to use home remedies to pass a saliva drug test.

That’s because it’s easier to remove saliva from the mouth using home remedies, and drug metabolites stop appearing in saliva relatively quickly, whereas in urine this can continue for a week or longer.

These are the strategies you can employ that use home remedies to prepare a mouth swab test:

  1. If you are trying to hide cannabis metabolites then it’s worth knowing that they bind to fat and bile. So eating fatty meals before your test can really help to draw more cannabis toxins out of your bowel.


  1. Peroxide mouthwash, altoid mints, and even chewing ice are anecdotally thought to help remove drug toxins. I don’t think this is about neutralizing them though, it all seems to be related to improving the rate at which saliva is produced and moved out of your mouth.


  1. Make sure you have excellent dental hygiene. Brush your teeth every few hours, and really work between the teeth and along the gum line.remove metabolites brush teeth


  1. Use a strong mouthwash several times per day as well.


  1. Drink plenty of water to help push saliva through your system.

All the above home remedies to pass a saliva drug test put together can really help to get your saliva moving, so that the metabolites stop appearing in them as quickly as possible.


Avoidance Tactics To Influence A Mouth Swab Test Results

Now we come to the second strategy that you can employ in learning how to pass a mouth swab test.

This is about evading the test as it happens. I’m not talking about punching them in the mouth and running away, I’m talking about using the knowledge you have now to stop them taking a swab from the most dangerous area of the mouth.

These are the strategies you can employ to achieve that:

  1. When they put the swab in your mouth you can cough, say you have got a cough and keep doing it. Try and get them to back away a bit as they administer the test.


  1. An alternative strategy is to say you’ve got a bad gag reflex, or problem with foreign objects, and to gag and cough every time the swab goes in your mouth.


  1. Either through your own acting, or very occasionally just because that’s how it’s administered, you may actually be given the swab yourself to do. Just make sure you rub along the inside your cheek high up, or alongside of your tongue as much as possible to avoid crevices where drug metabolites can gather.


 How To Pass A Mouth Swab Test Using Specialist Mouthwashes

The problem with everything I’ve spoken about so far is that it’s not guaranteed.

You can learn how to pass a mouth swab test with almost complete certainty by knowing which specialist detox products you can use to eliminate toxins from your saliva.

Now please be aware that both of the methods I’m now about to tell you are temporary. They give you about 15-30 minutes clean, before fresh toxins appear. They literally only neutralize the toxins already in your mouth.

But that 15-30 minute window of opportunity is almost always enough in which to submit your sample.


  1. Saliva neutralizing mouthwash products 

The best of these are Ultra Klean and Toxin Rid Rescue Wash. Both are in small and discrete bottles that are really easy to carry around with you.

All you have to do is find about one minute away from view, and then swill half of the contents around in your mouth and spit them out. Then do the same with the other half, and dispose of the bottle.

Your saliva will be neutralized for up to 30 minutes, meaning your mouth will be clean until fresh toxins work their way in with fresh saliva.

The downside to saliva neutralizing mouthwash products is that you have a little bottle to dispose of, and you have to be out of sight to achieve all this. But they are very cost-effective, costing about $30, and they really do work.


  1. Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gun

For me, the absolute best way to learn how to pass a swab test is to use Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum.

It’s not actually gum at all, confusingly. It’s a small capsule of liquid that is highly concentrated. You pop it in your mouth, chew it, swill the liquid around thoroughly, and then swallow everything.

So it’s small, discreet, and there’s no debris for you to get caught with. It’s the perfect crime in terms of saliva neutralization.

What I love about it is you can do it in sight as well. Say you have got a cop walking up your car, just cough and put your hand your mouth, chew, and by the time they have reached your window your saliva will be clean. oral clear gum

Or you’re in a job interview, and they say they are now going to take a mouth swab. They have to take their eye off you at some point to get what they need, so just pop Oral Clear in your mouth and you’ll be neutralized in 30 seconds.

It’s also great for on-the-job testing as well. Just cup the capsule in your hand in your pocket, cough, and put it in your mouth. Even with someone in front of you, you can chew and then swallow. If they ask what you’re doing, you can just say you had a bit of chewing gum in your mouth and you’ve swallowed it so they can do the test.