Privacy Policy

About This Privacy Policy

 This privacy policy governs how the website right to heal deals with data submitted directly or indirectly by people who visit and use the site.

Right to Heal was set up to discuss bodybuilding primarily due to the passion of the person running it. However, on discovery that gains and cutting could be enhanced through the use of SARMs, it now also talks in detail about the safety of SARMs, and how to use them to best effect.

Right to Heal also talks about drug testing and how to pass them, due to a feeling that in the current climate it’s ridiculous that you can legally smoke cannabis and yet still lose your job because of a failed drug test.

If you do not agree with the terms outlined in this privacy policy, then you should cease using the website immediately. Do not visit it further, and delete any cookies generated from the website that are currently residing on your system.

This privacy policy is general, but as we get visitors from around the world, we will try to work within the spirit of all the major privacy laws, including GDPR, and the relevant equivalents in places like the USA, Canada, and elsewhere. However, we are bound by the laws of the country in which our website resides, and not the laws of your own location.



The Data That We Collect

 The good news is that as this is a small personal website, we don’t actually collect much data from you. Very little in comparison to most websites out there.

When you visit the website your IP address is logged. That’s done by the server and is pretty standard for every website you will ever visit. Server logs then deliver basic statistics about site visitors.

Your IP address is also used by third-party analysis software. We use cloud software to analyze site traffic, including pass through the site, and the most popular pages. That allows to write great content and focus on what works.

The IP addresses are not personally identifiable, unless they are linked to a specific entity such as a company. In those circumstances, you should consider the fact that every website you visit will be able to see the IP address.

We also collect data on the browser and device you use. This allows us to understand how people use the site, and better format it to provide a better level of service to the majority of people using it.

The site also collects data from posts with open comments. When you submit a comment your IP addresses is logged to help us stop spam. The comment text, and also any name or email you submit is also logged permanently in the database until the comment is deleted. You can request to have your comment deleted by contacting us.

We will also log your IP address, and any information submitted, when you send us an email via the contact form on our website. However, those details are only sent via email to our own email address. They are not logged on the server or stored. As soon as we have dealt with your request, the email is deleted and get auto deleted after 30 days as is pretty much standard for most email accounts (Gmail for example).



How We Use The Data Collected

Any data collected, or submitted, via the website is used for the following purposes potentially.

Firstly, we mainly use submitted data for analytical purposes. IP addresses are used to track how people land on the site, travel through it, and exit it. That allows us to understand the most popular pages, and the paths people take.

Secondly, submitted data is used to stop spam and hackers. IP addresses are the basis on which we block people from accessing the site and stopping them submitting spam comments.

Thirdly, the data we collect is used to respond. Whether that data is submitted through a comment form, or the contact form, it allows us, or other people, to respond to that user submitted data.



Data Security & Retention

Data is kept as secure as possible. However, no system is safe, and although we use industry standard software and techniques, we are only a one person, nonprofessional entity, and we are limited in what we can achieve.

We use software at server level and on website level to block spammers, protect logins, and generally stop malicious intent.

Databases where information is stored are protected by passwords, firewalls, and other software solutions. However, it’s important to note again that these are not 100% secure. If you have any concerns about any data you submit, you should simply not submit it.

Data is retained for the minimum length of time possible. However, in terms of server logs and stats, this is indefinite due to how the software forms an ongoing, long-term, view of the website.

Data submitted through comment forms is also kept indefinitely due to the fact that the comment will be displayed indefinitely.

However, as previously defined, anything submitted via the contact form to ask is only retained to the length of time it takes for us to deal with your interaction.



Right To Heal Cookie Policy

 Our cookie policy is very simple. We only use cookies for essential site functionality. We don’t use tracking cookies, and there are no third-party cookies delivered directly by our website.

 However, when you click on an affiliate link to take you to 3rd party website, that websites affiliate software will drop a cookie onto your system to log the fact that you have clicked on our affiliate link. This allows them to track where affiliate purchases come from, and to credit the right people.



Affiliate Link Policy

 We do use affiliate links to make revenue for the website. When you click on a link you will see that you are being taken to 3rd party website, using a specific exit URL structure so that you can see it’s an affiliate link.

We only partner with high-quality affiliate’s, but it’s important to understand that they will have different terms of use and privacy policies. But that’s the same with any website, when you land on the website you are then bound by their terms and conditions and privacy policies, and not the site referring you.



Changes To This Privacy Policy

 This privacy policy may be updated from time to time. The latest version is always displayed here.

Changes to this privacy policy are made without warning, and you should visit this page frequently if you are a regular visitor to the website.