How To Use Detox Drinks For Drug Test Evasion

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If you want to pass a drug test and you are riddled with drug toxins then you have three strategies. In this guide on how to use detox drinks for drug test success, we’re going to focus on one of them.

The other two strategies are to do a natural detox speed up by detox pills, or to use synthetic urine. Both of those have risks and rewards, but detox drinks are definitely one of the most convenient ways to pass a drug test, as long as you follow the tips I’m going to talk to you through in this quick guide.

You’ll learn everything you need to know: how detox drink works, full instructions, top tips, and what the best detox drinks for THC and other drug metabolites are.


How A Detox Drink Really Works

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a detox drink permanently gets rid of drug toxins, because that’s a trap some people fall into.

A detox drink merely masks the toxins in your body for a few hours.

It does this by pushing a volume of liquid into your body. This liquid is specially designed to help your kidneys process things more quickly, meaning that it draws toxins from the kidneys into your bladder. The volume of liquid and the diuretics also make you urinate more frequently.

The net result of this is that for a few hours, fresh urine in your bladder doesn’t have toxins in it. The toxins have to make the way to your kidneys and then be processed, which takes several hours.

But more than that, a detox drink has all the waste chemicals, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and things like creatinine in it, so that when your body is flooded with a liquid, some of these are passed through as waste into your urine keeping the balance natural and the color of your urine natural.


Can You Get Detox Drinks For THC?

One thing I do want to say here is that you cannot get detox drinks for THC specifically. Now you know exactly how a detox drink works, and how it only keeps your urine free of toxins for only a few hours, you can see that it basically works for any type of drug toxins.

It’s the same with detox pills as well, you’ll get drinks and pills that claim that they target THC metabolites. This is just nonsense.

What you’re looking for is not something that claims to target THC, but that is just generally a high-quality detox drink that does everything I’ve talked about a moment ago in the most potent way.


How To Use A Detox Drink Successfully

The instructions of using detox drinks for drug test passing are pretty generic, but I’m tacking on a couple of great tips from me here as well:

  1. Before the day of your drug test make sure you do a natural detox. Most detox drinks safety 48 hours of abstaining from drugs, drinking plenty of water, exercise and sweating, and eating good food.
  2. If you can do longer than 48 hours, I would suggest you do it. The longer you do, the less work the detox drink has to do on the day of your test.
  3. About two hours before your drug test, drink the contents of the bottle of detox drink smoothly over about 15 minutes. If you have to drink additional water then drink that straight afterwards as well.
  4. During and after completing the drinking of the detox drink, urinate as frequently as you can. About three times in 60 minutes should be enough to get rid of all the old urine containing toxins.
  5. The final step I recommend is that you always do a home drug test kit just before you leave to submit your sample. If you have still got drug toxins in your urine, you could drink a second detox drink, or use of fake urine as a backup plan.


Do Detox Drinks Work?

If the detox drink is high-quality, then the answer to the question around does a detox drink work is definitely yes.

However, it’s not just about the quality, it’s about the amount of drug toxins you have in your body heading towards your kidneys at that time.

Trying to do a detox before the day of your test is crucial. If you have high toxin levels in your body, I would recommend you do a one, two, or three-day course of Toxin Rid as this will speed up the elimination of toxins from the body by about 50% meaning your detox drink has a longer effect on the day of your test.

The worst-case scenario is you don’t have much notice at all, and you have to use a detox drink without a detox. It’s still possible to pass, but you will need one of the top three best drug detox drinks from the list I’m now about to reveal to stand much chance.


Top Three Best Drug Detox Drink Products

If you’re going to use detox drinks for drug tests then you have to get the best possible quality to stand a chance of masking the toxins long enough to submit a clean sample.

Below are reviews of the top three detox drinks for THC and other drug metabolites, based on me passing a drug test with the first choice (only a basic drug test for a retail job but it worked), and passing home drug tests for the purposes of reviewing choices two and three.


1. Rescue Cleanse

Rescue Cleanse has been around for a few years, but the formula is often updated. It costs $55 and is best bought from the company who make it, called Clear Choice.

It’s a potent proprietary blend that is good enough to mask even the heaviest levels of drug toxins.

The instructions for using Rescue Cleanse are pretty straightforward. You drink the contents of the bottle, and you don’t need any additional water. You then have to urinate a few times, and you should be clean for up to 5 hours.

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Rescue Cleanse instructions do also mention you should do a 48 hour detox where possible. This is something I’ve already advocated earlier in this guide.

If you want a tried and trusted detox drink, then this is the one to go for, and it’s exactly why I did.

It was a pre-employment drug test for McDonald’s a couple of years ago when I needed a job. I was told I would have the job on condition of passing a drug test, and I had to go and submit the sample the next day.

I’d already detoxed for three days because I knew the interview was coming up when they called me to arrange it, and I’d made sure I had Rescue Cleanse to hand.

I followed the instructions, went along to the building they told me to go to, when behind a screen, did the job, handed it over, and a day later was told I passed. As a daily weed smoker, that was impressive.


2. Ultra Eliminex

 Ultra Eliminex is a new a detox drink from Herbal Clean, the people who make the really unreliable (but aggressively marketed and widely used) detox drink Qcarbo.

This is a different animal entirely though. The proprietary blend is very potent and when I researched the ingredients that I’d never heard of, they are all strongly linked to processes around kidney efficiency, diuretics, and drawing out toxins.

Ultra Eliminex is $80 and is best bought from Test Negative.

The instructions for using Ultra Eliminex a straightforward, and you don’t need any additional water. It passed a home drug test kit for me, with only a 24-hour detox as a chronic smoker beforehand.

If you’re looking for the newest formula, and potentially the most potent detox drink on the market, then as long as you’re prepared spend $80, then I would strongly recommend Ultra Eliminex.


3. Mega Clean

 Third on my list of detox drinks for drug tests is Mega Clean. This is also been around for a number of years, and is well trusted and respected.

But it’s not the strongest formula out there, that much is obvious. I tested it a couple of years ago as a regular weed smoker with just a 24-hour detox and I failed a home drug test two hours after completing the process.

But what I did this time was a 48-hour detox, and I bought it from Test Clear for $60 with six Toxin Rid pills bundled up free.

I used the Toxin Rid pills on the second day of the detox, and then followed the instructions the day after that. I drank the bottle of liquid, refilled with water and drink that, and then urinated three times during the following hour.

I passed a home drug test kit three hours later. As long as you buy Mega Clean with the six Toxin Rid pills and you can do the 48 hour detox, then even as a chronic daily weed smoker it’s potent enough to pass, and certainly good enough to be on my list of the top three best detox drinks with that caveat.