How To Use A Synthetic Urine Belt To Pass A Drug Test

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synthetic urine belt guide

If you are facing a supervised drug test and you know you’re going to fail because you’re a regular drug taker who has drug metabolites in the urine, then your options are limited. Understanding how to use synthetic urine belt could be your savior, and the way to pass by using fake urine.

The problem is that using a fake bladder for drug test success can be problematic. If you don’t get it right, you could get spotted and caught very easily. It’s a high risk/high reward strategy. So what I’m going to do here is talk you through everything you need to know on how to hide urine for drug test and submit it using a synthetic urine belt or prosthetic penis attachment.

On top of that, I’m going to tell you about an alternative strategy for passing an observed drug test that is potentially safer if you take the correct steps to maximize your chances.


How To Hide Urine For A Drug Test

So what we’re talking about here is a synthetic urine Belt, where the fake urine is distributed around a belt that is attached to your waist. It’s kept warm by little heatpads that are attached behind the urine in the belt, and it’s then dispensed at the right time through a tap or prosthetic penis.

By doing this, you can assume a natural position and natural urine flow into a cup so that somebody who was in the room for an observed drug test would not be suspicious, if you get it right.

Let’s just talking through what I mean by an observed drug test. You cannot be directly looked at. They can’t stand there and look at your penis while you are urinating, or be looking through your legs if you are a woman.

But what they can do is be in the room with you looking away, or out of the corner of their eye at a distance, so that it makes it far harder to submit a fake sample. It’s a strong deterrent. The only way around this is smuggling the urine in in a belt, and dispensing it through a fake penis or urine bag dispensing tap to submit a fake sample in a natural position.


The Different Types Of Synthetic Urine Belt You Can Use

 There are basically two types of fake urine Belt you can use:

  • A synthetic urine belt with a tap and pipe dispensing system
  • Synthetic urine belt with a prosthetic penis dispenser

Both have their own pros and cons. So let’s take a quick look at each in detail.

The synthetic urine belt with a tap in pipe dispensing system literally has a clear plastic piece of pipe coming out the front of the belt. On the end is a small dispensing tap. You twist the tap, or very occasionally you squeeze it rather than having tap to twist, or unlock a clip, and it lets urine out in what is hopefully a natural flow. As long as the person observing you can’t see where it’s coming from, it looks like a natural urine flow, up to a point.

The second type of fake urine belt has a prosthetic penis. That acts as the dispenser, and when you squeeze it urine comes out, so it’s turned on and off by squeezing or releasing the fake plastic dong. This is less risky if you are indirectly observed because it looks like a penis. However, they don’t look that realistic and if somebody does get a good look at it, their suspicions will definitely be massively raised.


What Are The Issues With Using A Fake Bladder For Drug Test Success?

The only time you would really need to use a fake bladder for a drug test is if you were facing a supervised drug test. Someone will be in the room, but you won’t be directly looked at, but you do need to be in a natural position, with a natural flow, and you obviously can’t mess around with bottles of fake urine in your hand.

The issue is obviously being observed and having suspicions aroused. As I’ve said, you cannot be directly looked at, that’s illegal, but somebody can be in the room, and they can look indirectly, which puts the pressure on you to not be doing anything dodgy.

If you can smoothly do it, submit the sample in a natural position, with a good quality fake dong or urine belt, then you can get away with it, but with a switched on phlebotomist in the room you could get spotted.


Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine Belt Instructions

Let’s give you an idea of how a synthetic urine belt works for drug test by telling you how to use the Monkey Whizz synthetic urine belt, and the Monkey Dong product which is very similar:

  1. The Monkey Whizz synthetic belt comes with the urine prepacked into small pouch is around it. When you undo the small clip attached to the homes coming out of the belt urine comes out, and you then click it back against the host stop the flow. This can be problematic but as long as you’re not directly being observed then small mess won’t matter. With the Monkey Dong, it’s powdered urine that you have to mix up and then injected into the belt when you need it. This is messier to prepare, but on the upside, it means you can use water to practice in advance.


  1. Both Monkey Dong and the Monkey Whizz synthetic belt come with small heatpads. You tuck them in behind the belt in the pouches attached to it and they will help to keep the sample within the correct temperature range.


  1. You then put on baggy clothes, that will easily disguise the fact you got the belt on. Try and get the waistband to sit above the incognito belt, so if somebody pats you down they won’t feel the ridges of the belt under your clothing.


  1. You’ll then release the tap on the Monkey Whizz belt to let the urine out. Try and do this when you can sense that the person observing you is not really looking. You’ll then have to clip it back together to stop the flow. With the Monkey Dong it’s simply a case of squeezing the prosthetic to open the valve, and then letting it go to close it afterwards.

 The problem with using these belts for me is not just how it looks if seen, it’s also about the flow. With the Monkey Dong you can simply release the squeeze on it to stop the flow, or release it a little bit to lower the flow. This variation is more natural.

monkey whizz belt

But with the Monkey Whizz synthetic urine belt, once you unclip that valve it comes out as a steady rate until you click the valve up when it immediately stops. As everybody knows, that’s not how urine comes out, and that constant flow with an instant start and stop could attract suspicion, depending on how close they are to be able to potentially hear it.


Alternatives To Using A Synthetic Urine Belt To Pass A Supervised Drug Test

For me, using an incognito belt to pass a supervised drug test is a huge risk. Yes, it allows you to adopt a natural position in which you can submit synthetic urine.

On the downside, it can sound unnatural, and if you’re spotted, it’s obviously going to look incredibly unnatural. I’m not saying you will be seen as you won’t be directly observed, but it’s putting you under a lot of pressure to achieve all that and have a bit of luck as well.

Now, people do pass drug tests using things like the Monkey Whizz fake urine belt all the time, but I’m guessing quite a lot of people get seen as well. There’s a lot of suspicion that can be easily aroused.

For me, if I was facing a supervised drug test then I wouldn’t gamble on an incognito belt at all.

I would use a high-quality detox drink. Something like Ultra Eliminex or Mega Clean would really work.

Now let me be clear here, you need to do a 48 hour detox to ensure that there are a minimum amount of toxins leaking into your bladder. The thing is you see, a detox drink will only detox you for about five hours at most. It flushes you out, and then the fresh urine is toxin free and balanced because of how the detox drink floods your body with things found in urine.

The more toxins you have in your body, the less time you will have before fresh toxins are processed by the kidneys and pass into your urine. If you do a 48 hour detox, and maybe accelerate that with high-quality detox pills like Toxin Rid, then I’d say your chance of passing is around 95%, even as a daily weed smoker.

That’s less than the 99% that the high-quality fake urine chance produces, but when you add in the 25% or so chance that you could get sussed with using the synthetic urine belt, then I’m not sure the detox drink is any more of a gamble, and it’s certainly far easier to deal with than messing around with a belt.