How to pass a drug test

We are in a really strange situation in the USA where cannabis is being legalized across the country, and yet you still have to go and pass a drug test for many situations. So you could be doing something completely legal where you live, and yet to lose your job, or not get one, because you’ve smoked a bit of weed.

To me, that’s incredibly unfair. So learning how to pass a drug test as a responsible weed smoker (or any responsible user) I think is crucial, and part of the civil liberties we should enjoy. Currently, it’s actually illegal to try and fool a legally administered drug test. Even that is ridiculous when you are being penalized for doing something that is legal in the first place.

What I’ve done here therefore is put together a complete section of articles on how to pass a drug test.

For hair drug testing I’ll talk about the Macujo method. It’s the only reliable way that you can pass a hair follicle drug test. There’s no single product out there which can eradicate toxins from your hair. Using the combo Macujo method it is possible to flush out drug toxins to pass a dangerous hair drug test.

I’ve also put together product reviews for urine drug testing products, namely fake urine and detox drinks. Both are great ways of passing a drug test, but each has its pros and cons.

Synthetic urine is fantastic for passing a drug test, but only an unsupervised drug test. If it’s an unsupervised drug test, then fake urine is the easiest way to pass as long as you can smuggle it in and keep it within the correct temperature range. I’ll give you full reviews on the best fake urine brands and tell you exactly how to use it.

Detox drinks are great for passing a drug test at short notice, or for passing supervised drug test. But there’s a lot of misconceptions about detox drinks, and many of them simply don’t work very well. But there are three brands that really do work well, and as long as you follow the stuff I tell you, you’ll stand the best chance of using them they successfully.

So this category of articles is born out of my frustration of the legal system in the USA, and my own experiences with passing urine sample drug tests using fake urine and detox drinks. I’ve also tested nearly all of the major brands of detox drink at home using home drug test kits.

On top of all that, this category will tell you exactly how to pass an oral drug test. Thankfully, although these are dangerous because of the immediacy of them, you don’t stay positive for all drug testing for more than 48 hours in nearly all circumstances. And even then, brush your teeth and drinking lots of water can eradicate toxins more rapidly.

But you can also an oral drug test using Specialist gun. Popping that in your mouth discreetly can neutralize your gun within 30 seconds, and keep it neutralized for about 15 minutes, plenty of time you to pass a drug test you are asked to submit to right there on the spot, even for law enforcement purposes.

Put together, this is all my experiences around drug testing packed together into a series reviews, how-to guides, and discussion around legality, so that you can get the best information possible to stand the best chance of not getting caught.