Best SARMs For Cutting – Lose That Extra Stubborn Fat With Ease!

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SARMs effects

SARMs effects

Losing that last bit of fat on our thighs or belly can be daunting, especially after a long bout of the dreaded plateau many of us experience while dieting and training. It’s easy to give up in such a situation, as everything seems hopeless, but there is a solution to your problem, and it comes in the form of SARMs.

SARMs are relatively new to the scene and not much is written about them. We’re here to change that and hopefully educate the masses about the wonderful effects SARMs can have on your life.

We will introduce you to the best SARMs for cutting, don’t worry, but first, we have to pay homage to SARMs themselves. We need to understand how they work and why they work so that we know what is happening inside of our bodies.

There have been so many lies slandering SARMs as something dangerous, we hope to show that this is far from the truth.

What are SARMs? Two Words: Steroid Alternatives

SARMs are short for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, which in laymen terms means that SARMs bind to the androgen receptors in your body, triggering changes that lead you to build more muscle.

That sounds awfully close to steroids, but there is one major difference: SARMs are tissue-selective which means that they only affect the androgen receptors in our body, without harming any other organs. This leads us to conclude that SARMs are safe steroid alternatives.

Many SARMs have been tested on humans, with most of them reacting very positively to the compound. Humans experienced muscle growth, increased energy and stamina, decreased recovery time, and bigger pumps in the gym. SARMs have also shown themselves to be effective in the fight against osteoporosis, among other diseases.

Athletes have been using them for a long time and bodybuilders are catching on, now it’s time for you to join in the fun!

Forms of SARMs

There’re three forms of SARMs we want to talk about today and those are:

  • Liquid SARMs: You will rarely find SARMs that are in the form of an injectable liquid, just so you know. Liquid SARMs come in bottles that have between 15 to 60ml of the compound inside of them. They are usually mixed with water and ingested orally.
  • Powdered SARMs: The powder has higher durability when compared to the liquid and that’s why many people prefer it as their primary ingestion method. Powdered SARMs are also mixed with water or added as an extra ingredient in a protein shake.
  • Capsule SARMs: These are the easiest to take when compared to the two options above. Just put them in your mouth and down them with some water. They are very durable and are usually stored in a bottle at room temperature. Just remember to keep the bottle away from kids or curious pets.

How to take SARMs

How To Take SARMs

It’s quite easy to take SARMs, no matter what form they come in. Just remember that water should be the primary candidate when combining anything with SARMs.

Under no circumstances should you mix alcohol with SARMs, which can lead to serious side effects and could ruin your experience with SARMs. Please stay off the bottle while you’re on a SARMs cycle. While SARMs can be injected, we suggest that you keep them out of your veins as it isn’t necessary.

The best way to take them is through your mouth, just combine them with water and that should do the trick!

Types of SARMs

There are many different types of SARMs you can find on the market, we’ll list down and talk a bit more about the most popular six.

  1. Ligandrol: We’re starting this list of strong with one of the most potent SARMs around. Its effects on the human body have been well-documented with men experiencing rapid muscle growth, fat loss, and decreased recovery times. Ligandrol can be used for both cutting and bulking, depending on what you want to achieve.

These are the major facts surrounding Ligandrol:

  • Has a half-life of around 24 to 36 hours
  • Using it once per day is sufficient enough
  • You should cycle it for eight weeks maximum
  • The most common dosage is 10mgs per day, experienced users may take up to 15mgs a day
  • PCT is needed as suppression is likely to occur, four weeks of Nolvadex should do it justice
  • Not suited for beginners, good for intermediate and professional users
  • Stacks well with Testolone and Ibutamoren

SARM Ligandrol

  1. Cardarine

Cardarine is not a SARM, instead of being a PPAR-delta agonist. This means that it affects the way our body selects its food source, changing it from precious glucose to fatty acids. This means that fat loss is guaranteed when taking Cardarine and many bodybuilders have managed to achieve extraordinary results with this compound.

These are the major facts surrounding Cardarine:

  • Has a half-life of around 24 hours
  • Use it once per day
  • Cycle Cardarine for eight to ten weeks, depending on experience with SARMs
  • People usually use 15mgs a day, but professionals can opt for 20mgs a day
  • Cardarine will not cause testosterone suppression, PCT is therefore not needed
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Stacks well with Ostarine and Andarine
  1. Ostarine

The most widely researched SARM out there. There isn’t a safer option available and coupled with the fact that Ostarine is pretty mild, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone that had a bad time on it. Ostarine promotes lean muscle growth and fat loss. It has also shown itself to help in physical performance (meaning bigger pumps at the gym) and it is used to treat some types of cancer.

These are the major facts surrounding Ostarine:

  • Half-life is 24 hours long
  • You don’t need to take it more than once per day
  • You can cycle it for up to twelve weeks, but most experts recommend eight to ten weeks
  • Dosages are based on experience, but even as a beginner, you may take 20mgs a day without a problem. Users have reported taking up to 50mgs a day without side effects.
  • You won’t need PCT for Ostarine as it is mild and relatively harmless
  • As if made for beginners, but intermediate users can also benefit from it
  • Stacks well with Cardarine and Andarine

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  1. Andarine

S4 or Andarine is really good for bone strength and its use against osteoporosis has been pivotal for many people suffering from the condition. Better bone strength equates to sturdier muscles and it also helps with their growth. Bodybuilders mostly use Andarine for fat loss and lean muscle gain.

These are the major facts surrounding Andarine:

  • Has a very low half-life of just four hours
  • Must be taken three to four times a day to experience full effects
  • It’s usually cycled for eight weeks; professionals can go for up to ten.
  • Take three dosages a day containing 10mgs of Andarine and you should be golden, experienced users can take four dosages instead.
  • PCT may or may not be needed, it depends on the individual. If needed, four weeks of Nolvadex should be enough.
  • Suitable for all bodybuilders above the age of eighteen
  • Stacks well with Cardarine and Ostarine
  1. Ibutamoren (MK-677)

Ibutamoren is not a SARM and could be best described as a Human Growth Hormone agonist, meaning that it forces the body to release more HGH into the body which promotes muscle growth and lower recovery times. Ibutamoren is also used as a sleep aid which is very important for your muscles and it also keep your skin clean and healthy. The best thing of all? It’s tissue selective, meaning that it doesn’t cause suppression in the body.

These are the major facts surrounding Ibutamoren:

  • The half-life of up to 24 hours
  • Taking it once a day is enough
  • Ibutamoren is unique in the fact that using it for long periods of time doesn’t cause adverse effects. 12 weeks should be enough for a cycle, but you can use it longer if it suits you
  • 20mgs of Ibutamoren a day is perfect for muscle growth
  • PCT is not needed as Ibutamoren doesn’t wreak havoc on your body
  • Can be used by beginners and professionals alike
  • Stacks well with Ligandrol, Testolone, and S23

Mk 677 Ibutamoren

  1. Testolone (RAD 140)

Testolone is amongst the strongest SARMs available and is usually used for bulking. People have reported gaining up to fifteen to twenty pounds in just one cycle with Testolone! A study conducted on rats showed elevated Testosterone production and a rapid increase of muscle tissue.

These are the major facts surrounding Testolone:

  • A half-life between 12 to 18 hours
  • Many will say that once a day is enough, but having your dose and taking it twice a day helps with absorption
  • Don’t cycle it for longer than eight weeks, may cause serious testosterone suppression if this advice is ignored
  • 10mgs a day is enough to see results; experienced users may take 15mgs a day
  • PCT is definitely needed as Testolone is known to cause suppression in the body
  • Not recommended for beginners
  • Stacks well with Ligandrol and Ibutamoren

Now that we’ve given you a proper introduction to SARMs, it is time to show you the best SARMs for cutting!

The Best SARMs For Cutting

  1. Ostarine
  • You may need to cycle it multiple times before achieving your goals as it is mild
  • For best results during a cut, use 20mgs a day over a ten-week period
  • Preserves muscle mass even on a caloric deficit
  • Doesn’t require PCT
  1. Andarine
  • Quite strong results visible after just one cycle
  • While cutting, take 15mgs a day for eight weeks
  • Builds lean muscle even while on a cut
  • You may need PCT
  1. Ligandrol
  • Very strong, changed physique after just one cycle
  • During a cut, use 10mgs a day for two months
  • Suppresses hunger in some users, which is beneficial for your fitness goals
  • PCT may be required
  1. Cardarine
  • Boosts energy and stamina, which leads to better workouts and physique
  • For optimal results, take 10 to 15mgs a day while cutting
  • Allows for regular training sessions even while malnourished
  • PCT is not needed

best sarms for cutting

The Best SARMs Stacks You Should Try

Most SARMs do the trick on their own, but for those that want even faster results, we have prepared the following best SARMs stacks that will surely help them out in their fitness journey.

Bulking Stack

  • Consists of Testolone and Ligandrol
  • Recommended dosages are 10mgs of Testolone and 12,5mgs of Ligandrol
  • Cycle it for eight weeks
  • PCT is needed as both substances in the stack are suppressive

 Strength Stack

  • Made up of YK-11 and Ligandrol, not suited for beginners
  • Take 5mgs of YK-11 and 10mgs of Ligandrol
  • Don’t cycle it for more than six to eight weeks
  • PCT is required

 Fat Loss Stack

  • The stack contains Ostarine, Andarine, and Cardarine
  • Imbue 15mgs of Ostarine, 10mgs of Cardarine and 7,5mgs of Andarine
  • Cycle it for eight to ten weeks
  • PCT is not needed

 Cutting Stack

  • Consists of a triple stack of Ostarine, Andarine and Ligandrol
  • Take 15mgs of Ostarine, 10mgs of Andarine and 10mgs of Ligandrol
  • Don’t cycle it for longer than eight weeks
  • PCT may or may not be needed, depends on the person

The Best SARMs Stack For Females

  • Ostarine and Cardarine are best suited for women
  • Consume 10mgs of Ostarine and 5mgs of Cardarine for best results
  • Cycle it for six weeks
  • PCT is not required

Post Cycle Therapy For SARMs

A lot of people become leery when it comes to PCT for SARMs, especially men. Some men feel as if their masculinity is threatened by having to do PCT, which is just nonsense.

You will never be able to enjoy the benefits of SARMs like YK-11 or Testolone if you don’t integrate PCT into your routine. We’re not saying it’s impossible to take these SARMs without PCT, but it wouldn’t be an enjoyable experience.

You don’t even need PCT for the weaker stuff like Ostarine or Cardarine! The recommended compounds for PCT are Clomid and Nolvadex. They are both respectable PCT supplements, but Clomid is usually deemed as stronger than Nolvadex and is used for the strongest SARMs out there, like YK-11.

SARMs Before And After Pictures

There’s a rumor going around saying that most SARMs before and after pictures are fake. After careful investigation, which included sifting through hundreds of pictures of half-naked men, we’ve concluded that these allegations are true!

Most of the before and after pictures have been altered in some way, most likely by the use of a program like Photoshop. This is just bad marketing all around and it gives SARMs a bad name.

Our advice is to simply call out those websites that show these unrealistic images or just plain ignore them altogether. We know that a picture can be enticing and that it spurs your imagination, but that oftentimes leads to false hope and in the end, bitter disappointment and resentment.

The fact of the matter is that SARMs are a great supplement to your workout routine, but that’s all they are, a supplement. If you’re not sticking to a proper diet and exercise routine, you will not go far.

Don’t expect too much from just one cycle, it takes years to build a proper body, SARMs will help you get there faster, but don’t waste your time living in a dream.

best sarms stack

SARMs Reviews Online: What Other People Say About SARMs

After trawling the internet for ages in search of SARMs reviews online, we’ve come to the conclusion that in 95% of the cases, the experiences were positive. The other 5% either took too much of the SARM in question or bought from an unreliable supplier. Here is some proof of what we found!

The first valuable experience we got in store from you comes from a discussion board where the thread starter logged his experience with 20mgs of Ostarine. It was his first time taking it and he experienced a bit of a headache during the first few days which is normal. The results he got were astounding, in just two and a half weeks, he gained more than two pounds and lost some fat, but that’s not all, his lifts all improved significantly as well, especially on compound exercises. He concludes his post by saying that Ostarine did its job nicely and that he is very satisfied with the experience.

Our second report comes from Reddit, where a somewhat experienced user did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on his SARMs usage. He claims that the combination of Testolone and Ibutamoren did wonders for his physique: He gained fifteen pounds and felt strong as an ox. He also lowered his body fat, which is amazing considering how much weight he gained and that’s all in just one cycle! He hasn’t done PCT, which is something we do recommend, claiming that his bloodwork came out fine and that he didn’t feel the suppression. All the better for him.

The last story we got in store for you arrives straight from a bodybuilding forum where all kinds of supplements are discussed. The user in question took Ibutamoren and praised it for its amazing effects on his quality of sleep as well as the fact that he felt completely recovered the next day when he woke up. The only ‘side effect’, if you can call it that, was the increased appetite experienced, but that should be a plus if you’re bulking.

The amazing thing about SARMs is that they truly work and that they change people’s lives on a daily basis. If you’re still on the fence about taking SARMs, consider these three reviews to be the ticket that will smash your indecisiveness!

Possible Side Effects Of Using SARMs

While SARMs are harmless when taken in the recommended dosages and cycles, they can become dangerous if you overdo it. There are heaps of negative comments out there from people that shied away from any advice and just went with their gut. That’s not the right way to approach SARMs and will surely lead to pain and suffering.

Here is what can happen on SARMs if you take too much for too long.

  • Aggression: You won’t feel full on roid rage, but you’ll experience an increase in impatience and frustration. Aggressive behavior has been noted while on a high dosage of SARMs, so be careful.
  • Suppression: This one isn’t that bad as we got PCT supplements like Nolvadex and Clomid to save the day. Still, low levels of Testosterone can cause some pretty heavy side effects of their own, so its best to tread carefully.
  • Insomnia: That’s right, SARMs can cause insomnia at higher dosages, so you’re best off sticking to the recommended dosages and cycles. The good news is that just lowering the dosage can end the bout of insomnia.
  • Dry Mouth: This is also experienced by first time users, you’ll feel as if your mouth is made of cotton, but don’t worry, it will soon go away.
  • Lethargy: That feeling of no enthusiasm for anything. Mostly experienced by those that pushed their cycle length way over the recommended time frame.

SARMs side effects

My Recommended SARMs Vendors

You should only buy SARMs at vendors that you trust, as there are many who sell nothing but bunk product. You must be very careful when selecting a shop you want to do business with as the scammers have gotten sneaky.

To allay that fear and to help you out in your journey of becoming the best version of yourself, we’ve singled out three websites that are not only safe, but also reputable for their quality SARMs.

  1. Science.Bio

You might have not had the pleasure to read much about the company, but that’s because they are the former They have recently rebranded to agree with some government regulations set upon them.

Still, they are the cheapest place for buying SARMs, nootropics, and many other cool supplements. Their website is very easy to navigate, and they have their product displayed in alphabetical order. You can also filter products by price, which we found to be very convenient. doesn’t play around with their SARMs – All of them enjoy purity rates between 98 to 100%. All of their batches are vetted and tested by an independent laboratory. You can also select between powder and liquid SARMs.

If you want free shipping and are from the US, you’ll only have to buy 100$ worth of product, but if you’re ordering outside of the US, the number jumps up to 300$, which is quite a lot. That’s our only caveat about this shop, other than that, they are top-notch!

  1. SARMs4You

If you’re from Europe, you can count yourself lucky, as this is the best place to buy SARMs in the entire European continent. Not only do they have competitive prices that rival those seen in the US, but their batches also contain very high purity rates and you always get the actual stuff that you order.

They offer free worldwide shipping if you order more than 120€ worth of product. You may choose between their SARMs powder or capsules.

The powder is priced based on the number of grams you purchase which usually hovers between 1 to 5 grams. The capsules are sold in sealed bottles, meaning that there is no way that your product will foil before coming to your doorstep. You also get a discount if you’re purchasing in bulk.

Just one reminder, if you’re purchasing from the US, expect to wait up to two weeks for your package to arrive. The company is not at fault, they don’t determine transit times, so please don’t blame them.


Proven Peptides is a business stationed in the US that has been dabbling in SARMs and SARMs only for years.

Their experience is palpable from the first time you visit their website, everything is positioned neatly, and you don’t need more than a few clicks to get to your desired product.

They even have a phone number displayed on the top right corner of their website, something you rarely see done from manufacturers. That shows that they care about customer experience and that they will go the extra mile to keep you satisfied.

Another great thing about them is their Peptide Points which you can collect by purchasing items from their store. Those allow you to gain discounts of up to 10% on every second purchase you make. Moreover, their cap for shipping for free is one of the lowest we’ve seen in the industry. 75$ and free shipping is yours if you’re ordering from the US.

They shipped our package on the day we ordered, and it arrived in front of our doorsteps in just two days.

Now that we’re equipped with the necessary knowledge about SARMs and know all about the best SARMs for cutting, we can proceed to use them without any worry or fear.

Happy bodybuilding!