Right To Heal is my own personal website dedicated to many aspects of the life I lead every day, and the life I know many others out there live as well.

So this about me page is really just a snapshot of who I am, what I’m passionate about, and why this website exists.

My name is John, I’m 39, and I live in the USA. I’m married with one child, and I have a good white-collar technical job. I think that’s enough personal details, because I don’t like to give too much away online.

Primarily, I want to talk about bodybuilding and health. I got the bug about five years ago and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve got fitter and better in all ways, and my mental health has improved significantly as well.

Five years ago I was a bit of a mental wreck. I got into a really bad place, and it was only exercise it turned me around. Weights at home, some jogging, and cutting down on the alcohol and drugs. It worked wonders, but I wanted more. I’ll be honest, I’ve now got a bit addicted to the adrenaline rush of health and fitness.

Mostly then, I want to talk about bodybuilding, exercise, mental health, and how you can put everything together to get some brilliant results. I’ll talk about how you should put together a good bodybuilding routine, stick to it, and how your progression should go.


I also want to focus on supplements as well. You’ll quickly hit a brick wall if you do things naturally. You won’t cut enough fat, you won’t get stronger, you will not recover as quickly as you’d like, and your muscle gains will not be as large as you’re hoping for considering the effort you are putting in.

I’ll talk about natural supplements and SARMs. Natural supplements are great because anyone can use them, and they have the benefits of basically being legal steroids.

However, SARMs are a different class. Almost as potent as a legal banned steroid, but without the health problems or worries.

I’ll talk a bit about my SARMs journey. How I tried Ostarine on its own start off with, which cut quite a bit of fat (I got myself into really bad shape admittedly, mostly due to becoming a father and working like a dog). I then stacked a few SARMs, and I cut, while maintaining and building my strength. I then stacked a couple of SARMs together that really pumped up my muscles and took me to a whole new level, all in the space of a year. Hard work, but my God the results were worth it.


But that’s not all that this website is about. Health and fitness is one thing, but you’ve got to pay for it.

I learned the hard way when I lost the job three years ago because I failed in on-the-job drug test. I got caught out because I smoke a bit of weed at the weekend. It stays in your system for a week or so ago, which means you could have not smoked any weed for a week, and still fail a drug test. That’s insane and unfair.

That then made things difficult for me to get another job. And obviously, my luck, they wanted to drug test me prior to getting the job. So, I had to research in advance to make sure I could get out of it if it happened, and I found a way around it.

I learned that drug tests for jobs are always unsupervised unless it’s a high-level job, or something for the federal government (including contractors). So I looked at using fake urine.

Fake urine is the only way you can pass a drug test though. You can use detox drinks, or you do a natural detox and accelerated with detox pills. There are several ways of getting around it.

You can use mouthwash products or gum products to get around oral drug testing, and there’s even a method to get around the horrendous hair follicle drug test as well.

Once I’d worked out which methods work, and which methods are absolute rubbish, and got the products I needed, I knew that I was insulated against any type of drug test.

It’s that information I want to pass on to you here. Then you’ll be able to benefit from responsible recreational drug use and not get penalized when it it has actually no impact on your professional life.


So there you go, that’s the objective my website here. Mostly it is going to talk about bodybuilding, and increasing your rewards more rapidly by using supplements, including SARMs.

I’ll also be talking about drug testing, and how you can avoid getting caught. Let me say again, it annoys the hell out of me that I used to smoke joints at the weekend, hadn’t smoked for days, and yet lost my job. That’s absolutely insane, and only in the good old US of A could we have such insane laws to penalize law abiding citizens (but making tons of cash for rich drug testing companies and others at the same time, while also pandering to the religious conservatives who think putting salt on your fries should be illegal).

That’s my about me page, that’s what this website is about. If you see any gaps in the knowledge, then feel free to send me a message via the contact page and I’ll try my best get back to you. Even if I can’t reply individually, I do take on board the feedback I get, and I will try to write content that cannot only interest you, that can also benefit you.